Dense Fog Engulfs Northern India, Disrupting Transport and Causing Concerns


A thick blanket of fog has descended upon Northern India, including the national capital, Delhi, leading to a slew of challenges for residents as well as disruptions in transportation services. The dense fog has triggered several issues for the populace, impacting various modes of travel and necessitating heightened caution amidst adverse weather conditions.

Transportation Delays and Cancellations

Dense Fog Engulfs Northern India, Disrupting Transport and Causing Concerns

The dense fog has significantly affected the schedules of trains, buses, and flights across Northern India. Several transportation services are running behind schedule, causing inconvenience to commuters. Notably, for safety reasons, numerous train and flight services have been canceled, further exacerbating travel woes for passengers.

Weather Advisory and Impact

States including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, and others are grappling with the chilling effects of the cold wave. The meteorological department has issued warnings, highlighting the persistent fog cover in Punjab, Haryana, most parts of Uttar Pradesh, and Northern Rajasthan. The population has been urged to exercise extreme caution while driving due to reduced visibility on roads.

Disrupted Travel Routes Due to Fog

Major train services, including those commuting from and through Northern India, such as the capital-bound trains and the prestigious Vande Bharat Express, are experiencing delays ranging from two to seven hours. The dense fog has disrupted the regular flow of transportation, causing inconveniences to countless travelers.

Adhering to Caution Amidst Adverse Conditions

Dense Fog Engulfs Northern India, Disrupting Transport and Causing Concerns

As the dense fog continues to envelop Northern India, citizens are advised to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions while commuting. The impact of the fog has led to substantial delays and cancellations in various transportation services, urging individuals to stay updated with travel advisories and plan their journeys accordingly.

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