Western Bhangra Part 2 Executive Producer Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq announced to release of the song on 12 November


The Canadian singer Sheraki (stylized as $heraki) is finally back. The worldwide success of “Western Bhangra ” will bring him back soon with Part 2 of the song. Although the audio version was released last year, the video is yet to be made public. The fans and well-wishers were waiting for a long time and finally, their wait has come to an end.

Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq announced the release of Western Bhangra Part 2

The Canadian singer Sheraki will soon make a triumphant return! He will return shortly with the Western Bhangra Part 2 following the success of “Western Bhangra” around the world. It is a track from his album “Evolution.” In 2019, Western Bhangra was made available. The song’s producer was “Sa K Beats,” and “Studio No Sleep” shot the music video. Western Bhangra Part 2 Executive Producer Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq announced the release of the song on 12 November.

Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq is a well-known personality in Montreal’s desi community for his legal services in civil immigration. Having observed the popularity of western bhangra pt1, Dr. Rizwan, who had always been interested in the entertainment industry but was always busy with his profession, met Sheraki and collaborated with the second part of the song.

Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq immigrated to Canada when he was just a child. At the age of 16, he acquired a franchise for two eateries. Buffalo Bill’s St. Catherine and Buffalo Bill’s Queen Mary. Later, he maintained his concentration on his studies and earned degrees in paralegal work, private investigation, accounting, and a few certificates in immigration law. Additionally, he joined the Usidhr for human rights.

The soundtrack for Western Bhangra Part 2 was released for Sheraki in 2021. The song was written by Deep Nangal, while SA K BEATS oversaw its production. Fly High directed the song. Rapper Fly High is a lyricist who was born in Canada and raised there.

The fans waited for more than a year to see the video of Western Bhangra part 2 because they liked the first part so much. It will be interesting to watch how well Fly High and Sheraki’s partnership works out. Will they be able to meet the fans’ demands, or will they disappoint them?

Sheraki, known professionally as $heraki, was born in Pakistan and raised in Montreal. He was a Multan native. He moved to Canada when he was eight years old, in the year 2001. With Sheraki, well-known musicians from Pakistan, India, and Canada have worked together.

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