‘Strategy, Planning, and Technical Analysis of Opponents Are Very Important In International Cricket,’ says Manpreet Sidhu


Manpreet Sidhu shared his worldwide experience as a Team Performance & Strategy Analyst Coach in numerous ICC-approved elite tournaments with us.

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Manpreet Sidhu

Manpreet Sidhu, who works as a Professional Coach & Performance and Strategy Analyst Coach for various ICC Approved T20 Leagues as well as the Canadian national cricket team, told our correspondent in an interview that in today’s era, deploying data analytics is a must for any team to optimize the performance of the cricket players.

“In my opinion, the T20 format of cricket is the most significant advancement of the game in the current period.”

Manpreet Sidhu shared his international experience as a Team Performance & Strategy Analyst Coach in premier leagues such as the LPL (Lanka Premier League), the Abu Dhabi T10, the BPL (Bangladesh Premier League), the Global GT20 (Canada Premier League), and working with a CANADA International Cricket Team. He stated that player analysis and data analytics have a significant impact during any tournament, as we know the strength of the opposing team, their weaknesses, and how they can think during a pressure match. Therefore, we base our strategy for the next game on all our players and coaching staff.

According to Manpreet, several international and franchise teams increasingly use data analytics to make data-driven decisions. It aids in judging individual player performance, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of opponents, which is an essential responsibility for team management. ⁣

Regarding viewership, cricket is the second most popular sport behind soccer. However, many operational choices in cricket rely on specialists’ subjective judgments based on aggregate performance statistics.

Manpreet Sidhu claims, “I’ve witnessed the zeal of the cricket season, the war between teams, and the battle for the trophy. Every evening, fans wearing team jerseys sat glued to their television sets. Everyone enjoys looking back in time and analyzing how teams and players fared “⁣

“Data pertaining to a single batter, such as the number of balls faced, the number of runs scored, the strike rate, the number of fours and sixes, the strike rate against a certain bowler, and the runs scored against a specific bowler. Similarly, the statistics for a bowler include the number of overs bowled, the number of wickets taken, the number of runs given, the bowling average, and so on. Aside from that, statistical data will emphasize how the ball was swung throughout the early parts of the game, how each player responds to the delivery, and how each player performed in previous matches.”

All of this data can generate massive opportunities for analysis and valuable insights, which will help team captains make the right decisions on and off the field. In addition, it allows teams to make accurate decisions in a notoriously unpredictable game.

Manpreet Sidhu has also worked for numerous cricket association teams and has attended multiple National Cricket Academy cricket camps (NCA). In addition, he has founded Ekkas Cricketing Excellence, a personal coaching firm that assists numerous cricketers in developing their skills.

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