Soft Touch Entertainment Unveils Hathauda, Rahul B Kumar Takes Center Stage in Amit Gupta’s Cinematic Masterpiece


In a revelation that has sent ripples through the entertainment industry, Soft Touch Entertainment has announced its upcoming cinematic venture titled “Hathauda,” with the spotlight firmly on the versatile actor Rahul B Kumar. The film promises to be a riveting tale, masterfully crafted by the acclaimed storyteller Amit Gupta, with Bharani Kannan lending his brilliance as the Director of Photography (DOP).

Rahul B Kumar, a seasoned actor with an impressive repertoire of projects, including films and music videos, steps into the limelight as the lead in “Hathauda.” Known for his exceptional acting prowess and the ability to bring characters to life, Kumar adds a layer of depth to the film, elevating the audience’s expectations.

Soft Touch Entertainment, synonymous with producing quality cinema, has strategically chosen Kumar for the lead role, showcasing their commitment to excellence. With a track record of thought-provoking films, the production house aims to redefine storytelling with “Hathauda.”

Amit Gupta, the creative force behind the story, screenplay, and dialogues, collaborates with Rahul B Kumar to bring a character-driven narrative to the forefront. The film’s title, “Hathauda,” takes on a new dimension as Kumar’s on-screen presence promises a performance that mirrors strength, resilience, and impact.

Bharani Kannan, renowned for his cinematographic brilliance, is set to capture Rahul B Kumar’s performance in a visually stunning manner, creating a symphony of storytelling and visuals that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the audience.

Rahul B Kumar, already celebrated for his work in various projects, brings a wealth of experience to “Hathauda,” making it one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Soft Touch Entertainment’s decision to cast Kumar in the lead role is a testament to their trust in his ability to deliver a memorable performance.

As the buzz surrounding “Hathauda” intensifies, Rahul B Kumar’s fans eagerly await the film’s release to witness his transformative portrayal. Soft Touch Entertainment continues to be a trendsetter in the industry, and with Rahul B Kumar at the forefront, “Hathauda” is poised to become a cinematic masterpiece that will resonate with audiences across the board. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration between Kumar, Gupta, and Kannan as they unfold the layers of “Hathauda.”

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