Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna Team Up with Prabhuji Sweets to celebrate authentic Indian flavors!


Known for its mouthwatering treats, Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens has announced an intriguing partnership with Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan and the charming Rashmika Mandanna. This collaboration, which is based on the belief that Indian flavors should be celebrated for their richness and authenticity, promises to delight the palate and the heart.

Prabhuji Sweets & Namkeens are renowned for its long history of creating flavors that evoke India’s culinary past. its collaboration with celebrities like SRK and Rashmika exemplifies this harmonic fusion of time-honored customs and modern appeal.

The brand’s creator, Mr. Manish Agarwal, said, “Prabhuji’s offerings stand as pillars in India’s culinary sphere. Aligning with Shah Rukh and Rashmika highlights our desire to more prominently showcase our traditional cuisines. Our ethos to provide unmatched taste experiences remains strong.”

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, stated that “Indian cuisine retains a distinct position globally. The opportunity to work with Prabhuji, a symbol of our culinary heritage, is an exciting step toward spreading these tastes beyond national boundaries.

“Food connects souls,” exclaimed Rashmika Mandanna with enthusiasm. “Working with Prabhuji is about enjoying and spreading the world’s taste of India’s traditional treats and sweets.”

Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, SRK, and Rashmika are all prepared to revolutionize and enhance India’s flavor journey on a global stage with this collaboration.

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