Nitesh Kumar, The Rising Youtube Star achieving his goals all the way with his amusing content


As we know, the use of Digital Media has risen unbelievably in the recent years. Content of all type – entertainment, news, articles, reviews, lifestyle, health and fitness are available in a click of a button. The vast audience from all ages use social media in today’s time and enjoy the content of their interest. Earlier it was only fun but now it has become a daily business work for majority of the people. It has given an outstanding and a big platform to all the content creators and influencers to build their careers in the digital world.

One amongst the popular names is Nitesh Kumar (also Nitin), the man who turned the tables and is widely loved for his Youtube content. With his extraordinary talent, he has not only gained popularity but has also achieved the Silver, Gold and Diamond play buttons on Youtube. He earned the Silver play button in 2019 when reaching the goal of 100k subscribers on his youtube channel.

About his Journey:

Being a keen learner and interactive in nature, Nitin started his career at an early age. He loved to travel destinations and create interesting content. Gradually, the content started attracting the audience so much that presently his main youtube channel ‘The Mridul’ has approximately 14.6 million subscribers and average 4 billion plus views on his content.

Nitin’s content grabs special attention when it is with his best mates- MriDul & Ujjwal Sharv (featured as Mastani) .

Known widely for their fascinating and engaging content, they has made his way amongst ‘India’s Top 10 Content Creators’.

Nitin’s sense of humour is brilliant and absolutely loved by his audience. With the typical ‘desi’ touch of humour, he leaves no stone unturned to keep his viewers engaged and happy. This made the brothers even more popular and they were also ranked among the “Most Popular Youtubers and Influencers of 2020.”

They also make lifestyle videos consisting of his journeys, trips, food and places reviews which draws his audience’s attention and engages them with his vlogs. He believes in the quote “Your own lived experience is the best source of inspiration for content creation” . This is the reason Nitin started making vlogs initially and now he is about to hit the century for his number of videos.

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