Multiplex Play, Led by Zubair Siddiqui, Unlocks the Drama in ‘Makeup Man’, A Must-Watch Series Redefining Streaming Standards


In a strategic move to captivate the streaming audience, Multiplex Play, led by CEO Zubair Siddiqui and CMD Rehan Ali Sheikh, is set to launch a gripping web series entitled “Makeup Man.” Produced by the talented Meenakshi Singh, this forthcoming series promises to be a rollercoaster of suspense and drama, shedding light on the often-overlooked world of makeup artists.

The stellar cast, featuring Priya Mishra, Pallavi Devnath, Ehsan Khan, Mohit, Neha Kapoor, and others, brings a wealth of talent and diversity to the forefront. The series, directed and written by Bilal Qureshi, renowned for his contributions to the popular show “Crime Patrol,” is a collaborative effort between Qureshi and Multiplex Play’s Chief Managing Director, Rehan Ali Sheikh.

“Makeup Man” offers a deep dive into the intricate life of a makeup artist, exploring the challenges they navigate and the nuanced relationships they cultivate with actors. Pallavi Devnath, portraying the character of Hansika, an actor and model, describes her role as both fresh and distinctive, promising a unique viewing experience. Priya Mishra, another lead actor, emphasizes the pivotal role of makeup artists in making actors presentable. Having previously worked with Qureshi, Mishra expresses her enthusiasm for the reunion on this project. In addition to her role in “Makeup Man,” Mishra is set to feature in the upcoming Dangal show “Sindoor ki Keemat” and a Balaji drama, showcasing her versatility.

The creators of “Makeup Man” exude confidence in the series’ ability to deliver suspense and intrigue, attributing the success to the carefully curated cast. The production has received widespread acceptance from all stakeholders, including the actors and the production house. Pallavi Devnath notes the supportive and cooperative atmosphere within the team, reflecting their shared eagerness for the project’s success.

Multiplex Play, a recently established streaming platform, is committed to providing high-quality content with engaging narratives. With a dedication to excellence, the platform aims to produce compelling shows under the leadership of Siddiqui and Sheikh. As “Makeup Man” gears up for its debut, audiences can anticipate a captivating journey into the behind-the-scenes world of makeup artists and their indispensable role in the entertainment industry.

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