Home-grown brand Attrangi Designs for all your attrangi jewellery needs


Attrangi Designs: Attrangi is a jewellery brand that specialises in vintage, traditional, modern and one-of-a-kind jewellery designs. The company was created and founded by Saloni and Vidushi as a homegrown business and has since gained recognition throughout the world for its superior quality and distinctive designs. While Vidushi earned a degree in marketing and advertising from Flame University and has worked for organisations like Bookmyshow, Saloni graduated from G.I.A. She has also worked for Ryan Diamonds and Rajshri Productions. They both supervise every piece of jewellery and try to accommodate every buyer’s budget.

Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and headgear are all part of Attrangi’s beautiful collection. Stones and gems expertly made and individually shaped, are used to personalise each design. Attrangi does an excellent job of capturing the taste of the brides of this age, who are drawn to elegant colours and appealing designs. The jewellery pieces strike the ideal balance between exclusivity and authenticity, giving the brides a big, bold, and dramatic look. The jewellery in this place is available in a range of colours and is designed to go with any ethnic, traditional, or western-style outfits.

Each of Attrangi’s jewellery creations has distinct details that more or less reflect the legacy of tradition and the implanted stones maintain their brilliance throughout time. The designs are completely adaptable to the user’s requirements and the occasion.

Since its beginning, the company has established an incredible media presence, with its website and Instagram serving as the main channels for online sales to India and other nations. The company already has a store in Chennai but is now preparing to open a brand-new one in Mumbai to expand its reach.
For the tastes and fashions of both contemporary and traditional conventions, Attrangi creates multi-solitaire sets, nose rings, studs, and haathpans. The company is noted for its sophisticated combination of classic and modern elegance and adheres to the philosophy that each design should exude elegance.

Positive consumer feedback has always helped the firm better understand its target market and redesign products to suit their requirements. The brand’s rise to international acclaim from a local small business was fuelled by the affordable, high-quality designs and the overall direction of Saloni and Vidushi. Visit www.attrangi.in to explore and purchase the lovely collection from the company.

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