Fitness Coach Mohsin Syed Tells the Recipe to Free Yourself For an Hour in 24 to Stay Healthy


Mohsin Syed: Zumba is one of the most popular exercise fashions in recent years, and it’s growing with a useful purpose. Zumba has many health benefits, it burns your calories, makes you workout your whole body, it boosts metabolism, boosts strength, lightens your mood, and most importantly it boosts your confidence on the positive side.

From that top list of Zumba instructors, we met senior Zumba instructor from Mumbai, or you can also say Mohsin Syed, India’s top Zumba instructor. It is a combination of dance and aerobics. It has a taste of South American in a very easy way that anyone can do.

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About Mohsin Syed

Mohsin Syed is a Mumbaikar renowned fitness trained and a prominent name in Mumbai when it comes to Zumba. This banker became a fitness trainer and Zumba instructor is now a specialist in the profession. He has trained many stars in recent times. Mohsin has become a popular name in social media as well; His Instagram is proof of this. According to Mohsin Syed, Zumba can burn more than 600 calories in an hour. It tones your entire body. You will feel pain in places you never knew about.

Zumba is best for total body toning. According to Mohsin, it is suitable for the heart. You get the benefit of aerobic, which increases your heart rate.

Zumba can de-stress. An hour-long workout will give incredible relief and enjoyment. Seriously this practice is necessary for those people who are working hard day and night to earn money in their life. It has many advantages; It is a dance form which is an exercise and has a lot of benefits.

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