Engagement, ‘Not Just a Movie But A Heart-wrenching Poetry’ Directed By Raaju Bonagaani


Suram Movies’ upcoming promising cinematic masterpiece is here, titled ‘Engagement’. The film is directed by Raaju Bonagaani. The director and actors have made sure to deliver a unique storyline and an exceptional performance. With them, the Director of Photography, Venkat Mannan, has pledged to give a treat to the eyes of the viewers. From capturing the lush landscapes of Coorg and Chikmangalur to the bustling streets of Mumbai and Goa, From the essence of love and life to the chaos. ‘Engagement’ is Not just a film but a heart-wrenching poetry.


Not just a strong narrative following a unique storyline, but the actors’ capability of bringing characters to life is what makes the film a masterpiece. Praveer Shetty, is the hero of the film, while Aishwarya Gowdaa has been chosen to play the role of the heroine. The dazzling cast and their brilliant performances is what forced Raaju Bonagaani to cast them in his film. With the leads, the entire cast of Engagement has given a top-notch performance. The cast includes Rajagopal Iyer, Balraj Wadi, Bhavana, Rajanisri Kala, Sharad Verma, Deepti Gupta, Sujay Ram DJ, and many more.


The team’s commitment to excellence and determination forced Jayaram Devasmudra to produce the film with the co-producers Laxmikanth N. R. and Narayan Swamy S. And now the shooting of the film has come to an end. Editor Ravi Kondaveeti focuses on crafting every scene with detail and perfection.

As mentioned, more than a movie it is a pure form of art, and the artists who worked tirelessly to give this movie a wow factor are art director Venkatesh Aare, Raj Paide, who gave the dancing moves, the outstanding fight sequence by Dragon Prakash, co-director Nagraju Deshavat, PRO Rahul, designer Lucky, Dilip Bandari, and Rajat Ghosh, who gave the mesmerising music to the film. The hardworking team behind the riveting film ‘Engagement’.


Directed by a seasoned screenwriter in the Telugu industry, Raaju Bonagaani, ‘Engagement’ will take the audience on an emotional and enthralling journey with the tale of two lovers. Additionally, the movie’s iconic celebrity cast, Aishwarya Gowdaa and Praveer Shetty will make you feel alive and yearning for a love story like this. Presented to you by Rhodium Entertainments under the banner of Suram Movies.

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