DJ OnEdge, a future signature of the Indian music industry


There are many different types of music performers in India who put in a lot of effort and travel far to establish themselves. Let’s know about DJ OnEdge, whose agility has brought him thus far and enabled him to make a name for himself.

OnEdge is the stage name of Mumbai-based DJ and producer Neil Creado, who actively promotes and consistently plays his music. Moreover, has successfully performed in several locations throughout the globe, including more than 100 exclusive clubs in different cities throughout India. Neil Creado began playing under the name Asztrack before switching to OnEdge as a DJ and producer in 2014 without having any prior ties to the industry. He had not only established himself eight years later, but he had also recovered his equilibrium.

The people who write songs and other musical compositions for a living, manufacture and sell recorded music and sheet music, plan concerts, and work for organisations that supply, educate, and assist music creators make up the music industry. EDM, pop music, and hip-hop are among DJ OnEdge’s main musical tastes, but over the years he has developed the ability to assess the audience and its needs in order to play the music that he feels will appeal to them the most.

OnEdge and Arsalan just revealed the title of their upcoming original song, “Rudra Storm,” on their joint Instagram account, @onedgeofficial.

Currently a DJ and producer, DJ OnEdge consistently overcomes the obstacles to his professional success. He has a big online community of supporters. Utilizing social media platforms like Instagram has been really beneficial to him. DJ OnEdge was the youngest when he started working as a DJ, music artist, producer, and doing a variety of other things without regard to age. He has had a lot of success in the field. Artists were frequently thought to be unable to support themselves and lead stable lifestyles. OnEdge, however, has made the decision to never give up and aspires to rank among the top DJs in India.

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