Controversy Surrounds PM Modi Biopic as Producers Face Allegations of Fraud and Deceit


In a surprising turn of events, the producers of the much-anticipated biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi find themselves embroiled in a legal battle over allegations of fraud and financial impropriety. This controversy comes hot on the heels of another legal dispute involving the production of ‘SwatantryaVeer Savarkar’ starring Randeep Hooda.

Acharya Manish, a key player in this unfolding drama, has lodged a complaint against the producer duo, accusing them of defrauding him of a staggering Rs 14 crore in connection with the investment made in the Modi biopic. The complaint, filed with the Mohali police, outlines the alleged breach of trust, cheating, and financial irregularities committed by the producers.

According to Manish’s account, producers Pandit and Sandeep approached him in early 2019, enticing him to invest in the Modi biopic by promising first recovery rights post the movie’s release. Convinced by these assurances, Manish took substantial loans to invest a significant sum of Rs 14 crore in the film. However, following the movie’s successful release, grossing over Rs 32 crore, Pandit purportedly reneged on his commitment, refusing to compensate Manish as agreed.

The complaint alleges that, during multiple meetings, Pandit demonstrated an unwillingness to fulfill his financial obligations and reportedly resorted to threats to dissuade Manish from pursuing legal action. In a detailed submission to the police, Manish has outlined how he was allegedly misled into investing a substantial amount in the film under false pretenses.

The accusations leveled against Pandit and Sandeep include breach of trust, cheating, fraud, and misappropriation of funds, resulting in financial loss for Manish. Additionally, Manish has raised concerns about potential tax evasion, accusing the producers of manipulating financial records to conceal actual revenues and inflate expenses, creating artificial losses in the film’s financial statements. He is now urging for investigations by agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Income Tax, and GST to scrutinize the financial dealings of the accused.

In an effort to seek justice and expose the alleged wrongdoing, Manish has called upon the police to register an FIR against the producers, initiating a criminal investigation into the matter. Copies of the complaint have been forwarded to high-profile authorities, including the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, I&B Minister, and various enforcement agency heads across the country.

The startling revelations within the complaint shed light on a dark underbelly of deceit, fraud, and threats allegedly perpetrated by influential figures in Bollywood. As the case awaits an official FIR and police investigation, it has ignited a broader debate around practices within the film industry, prompting stakeholders to closely monitor developments in this unfolding saga.

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