BSMF Unveils Triangular Spiritual Initiative: Cultural Convergence in Grozny, Moscow, and Varanasi – Dr.Sergei Dvorianov


Dr. Sergey Dvoryanov, Director Communication BСMF, announced a groundbreaking spiritual initiative during the “Dialogue of Traditions and Generations” conference at the Indian International Center in Delhi on November 30, 2023. This initiative aims to foster cultural bridges between three historically rich cities: Grozny, Moscow, and Varanasi.

At the core of this initiative is the global Spiritual Anthem “Mystic Way The Only Way,” Executed by Dr. Dvorianov. The project, featuring the Prominent Bollywood Producer director and founder of globally acclaimed ARMS Record Label Jaan Nissar Lone who’s also composed and sung a song along with Aspiring Actor & Russian opera singer Daria Startseva, embodies the fusion of Eastern and Western musical cultures. The filming locations – Varanasi, Moscow’s Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra, and now Grozny, signify the convergence of diverse spiritual legacies.

Grozny, poised to be recognized as Russia’s cultural capital in 2025, is set to host the premiere of the music video during the 2024 BRICS Culture Media Forum international summit. This gift from the BSMF to Hero of Russia Honourable Ramzan Kadyrov will showcase the culmination of a project dedicated to intertwining traditions and generations.

The initiative, supported by Zelimkhanov Abdulreshid Ilyasovich Deputy Mayor of Grozny for Urban Planning, Architecture and International Investment Policy, symbolizes an effort to forge enduring cultural connections transcending geographical boundaries. It is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of diverse spiritual paths for the benefit of future generations.

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