Atal Serial Actress Shreya Kulkarni Expresses Gratitude Towards PM Modi and Eagerly Awaits Ram Mandir Inauguration


In an expression of gratitude towards the honorable Prime Minister, Shreya Kulkarni, the talented actress known for her role as ‘Damini’ in the popular serial ‘Atal,’ conveyed her excitement for the historic inauguration of the Ram Mandir on January 22nd. Shreya, who is currently busy with her commitments on the ‘Atal’ set alongside co-star Vyom Thakkar, shared her enthusiasm for the momentous occasion.

The actress revealed that while she has received an invitation to attend the Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya, her prior commitments to the ‘Atal’ serial prevent her from personally participating in the event. Shreya expressed her regret at not being able to witness the monumental ceremony but assured fans that she is eagerly awaiting the joyous sounds of success echoing from Ayodhya.

Shreya Kulkarni acknowledged the significance of the Ram Mandir inauguration, describing it as the culmination of a 500-year struggle. She expressed her happiness for the entire nation, emphasizing that the world is eagerly anticipating the historic moment.

The actress conveyed her heartfelt thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ushering in a year filled with joyous moments and national pride. Shreya spoke of her pride in being associated with Hindustan and the global Hindi society. She credited the success of this monumental occasion to the collective efforts of Indians and expressed her gratitude towards the citizens of the country.

As Shreya Kulkarni continues to portray her character ‘Damini’ in the ‘Atal’ serial, she remains a proud Indian who looks forward to celebrating the success of the Ram Mandir inauguration, despite being unable to attend the event in person due to her professional commitments.

The actress concluded by expressing her anticipation for the sparkling ceremony in Ayodhya, expressing her confidence that the nation will be immersed in an atmosphere of joy and accomplishment on this historic day.

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