All You Need to Know About Ranjan Kundu , Photography, Film, and Poetry Legend


Ranjan Kundu has forged an illustrious career in photography, film, and poetry, achieving notable success in each realm. Known widely as “Mr. Checkmate,” he refined his skills through the prestigious Filmmaking and TV Directing Masterclass under Hollywood Director Gill Bettman at the Hollywood Film School. With a strong foundation in photography, Ranjan brings a distinctive perspective to visual storytelling, earning praise for the creativity and profound depth evident in his work.

His “MR. CHECKMATE,” stands as India’s first feature fashion film, where he served as producer, director, and scriptwriter. Internationally recognized as the “Michelangelo Of Photography,” Ranjan’s innovative vision has earned him cover features in esteemed magazines such as 6XMEDIA in New York, USA, and Lamour in Paris, France. He has also been prominently featured in leading Indian fashion publications like The Filmy Charcha and Xpert Times Magazine, solidifying his impact across global borders.

Originally from Asansol, West Bengal, Ranjan Kundu is globally acclaimed as an International Film Director and Photography Legend. His artistic journey began early, sparked by an intense curiosity for photography, film, technology, and poetry.
Famous as “Mr. Checkmate,” Ranjan has earned widespread recognition for his pioneering work in the photo-poem technique and his groundbreaking film “Mr. CHECKMATE,” India’s first feature fashion film, which he wrote, directed, and produced.
Early Life
Born on September 18, 1989, in Asansol, India, to Ranjit Kundu and Chaitali Kundu, Ranjan Kundu discovered his passion for the arts early in life. His enduring curiosity in photography, film, technology, and poetry laid the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in these creative pursuits.

Ranjan Kundu is internationally recognized for his accomplishments in photography, film, technology, and poetry. Revered as a prominent figure in global photography, he is affectionately referred to as “Mr. Checkmate.” In addition to his groundbreaking contributions to photography and film, Ranjan Kundu is also celebrated as a skilled International English Poet.

Ranjan Kundu has pursued a diverse education, earning a Professional Diploma in NASA System Engineering, a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), and an MBA in Human Resource Management from the International Business Management Institute (IBMI) in Berlin, Germany.

In addition to his academic achievements, he holds a diverse array of certifications, including a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma from CSSC, New York, USA; Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP); Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM); Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP); Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®); Certified Google Expert; Certified Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Developer; and proficiency as both an Apple iOS and Android App Developer.

Ranjan Kundu’s family comprises Ranjit Kundu and Chaitali Kundu. He is married to Indrani Ghosh Kundu and currently lives in Mumbai, India, with Asansol remaining his hometown. Ranjan Kundu stands at a height of 1.74 meters. At present, the versatile and multi-talented Ranjan Kundu is 34 years old.

Ranjan Kundu has amassed a remarkable array of accolades in photography, solidifying his status as a pioneering figure on the global stage. He secured first place in the inaugural Umbra International Photography Awards in 2018 and later claimed the prestigious New York Photography Awards in 2023. His exceptional talent was further underscored by a Platinum Award at the European Photography Awards that same year. Notably, he achieved consecutive Monovision Photography Awards in 2019 and 2020.

Throughout his photographic career, Ranjan has exhibited his work at renowned venues worldwide, including the Arhust International Multimedia Exhibition in London, U.K., the Odyssey Exhibition in Pennsylvania, USA, the ONYX International Exhibition of Photography in Romania, and the Blank Wall Gallery Exhibition in Athens, Greece. His innovative series “Checkmate,” which seamlessly merges photography with poetry, has solidified his reputation as a visionary in international photography.

• Celebrated as an International Photography Legend from India and known as “Mr. CHECKMATE” in global photography.
• Recognized as the “Michelangelo Of Photography” worldwide.
• Pioneered the Photo-Poem Technique in global photography.
• His work “CHECKMATE” stands as the world’s first Photo-Poem Photography masterpiece.
• Renowned for blending poetry with photography in his acclaimed series “Checkmate,” exploring themes of light, darkness, hope, and despair.
• Accomplished International Film Director, trained at the Hollywood Film School under Gill Bettman.
• Completed an Independent Filmmaking Course guided by Bollywood Director MadhurBhandarkar.
• Producer, director, and scriptwriter of India’s first feature fashion film “MR. CHECKMATE.”
• Winner of the Umbra International Photography Awards in 2018, and recipient of the New York and European Photography Awards in 2023.
• Recognized at the 16th Black & White Spider Awards, 7th Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA), and LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2021.
• Consecutive winner of the Monovision Photography Award in London in 2019 and 2020, the only Indian photographer to achieve this.
• First Indian photographer featured on the front covers of 6XMEDIA Magazine in Atlanta, USA, and LAMOUR Magazine’s special fashion edition in Paris, France.
• Exhibited at prestigious venues including the Arhust International Multimedia Exhibition in London, UK, and the ODYSSEY Exhibition in Pennsylvania, USA.
• Featured in leading Indian fashion magazines like The Filmy Charcha and Xpert Times Magazine.
• Internationally recognized as an English poet.
• Holds a background as a NASA System Engineer and is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma from CSSC, New York, USA.
• Holds certifications including CISSP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, CCBA, and expertise as a Google Certified Expert, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Developer, Android App Developer, and Apple iOS App Developer.

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