Actor Sanjeev Pandey, From Mukesh Chhabra’s Casting Call to Bollywood Limelight in ‘SHRIKANT BASHIR’ and Beyond


In the glitzy realm of Bollywood dreams, Sanjeev Pandey’s journey from Kolkata’s theatre to the star-studded stage has been nothing short of meteoric. The actor, cast by renowned casting director Mukesh Chhabra for his latest venture, is quickly becoming a notable name in the industry.

Pandey’s cinematic ardor is currently at its zenith as he delves into his role as Missile Station Chief Saxena in “SHRIKANT BASHIR,” a Salman Khan production. For him, acting is an unending learning expedition, where scenes recognized today may seem ordinary in the future. Drawing inspiration from legends like Amitabh Bachchan, Pandey stresses the importance of actors evolving with time.

The decision to step into the glimmering world of Bollywood was a well-thought-out move for Sanjeev Pandey. Having commenced his acting journey at Kolkata’s Padatik Theatre at an early age, he waited until he felt fully prepared before making the pivotal move to Mumbai at the age of 40. The positive response from filmmakers validated his decision.

Mukesh Chhabra, the acclaimed casting director, played a crucial role in Pandey’s journey to stardom. A call from Chhabra about an audition for “SHRIKANT BASHIR” marked the beginning of a promising collaboration. Pandey expresses his excitement about being selected for a Salman Khan production and remains tight-lipped about his involvement in an upcoming web series cast by MCCC.

Beyond his acting prowess, Pandey showcased his creativity during the lockdown by inventing a unique Smart Fan named GLUON. Boasting a 65% electricity-saving capability, GLUON has received accolades and is registered with NSIC and GEM as an OEM, earning a 5-star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Sanjeev Pandey’s journey is not just confined to the reel world; he is setting a precedent as an innovative entrepreneur, embodying the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Amidst the challenges faced by his colleagues, Pandey stands out with a positive outlook and a commitment to excellence.

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We extend our best wishes to Sanjeev Pandey, cast by Mukesh Chhabra, for all his future endeavors, confident that his multifaceted talent will continue to illuminate various platforms.

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