Gryffin & OneRepublic – You Were Loved Official HD Video Song

This year Gryffin Songs You Were Loved is an Official Video song released in April 2022, Director is Kyle Cogan. You Were Loved song by OneRepublic pop band. OneRepublic is an American pop rock band formed in Colorado Springs. You were loved HD Video song have a high number of Views in the world. Gryffin’s new songs 2022 have high views on youtube in a few days.


Gryffin HD Video Song Lyrics:

I hope that you finally found it all

All the things that you said that you needed after all

All those times we had, they left a mark

And I know life goes on but I miss you in the dark

Based on two years time

Two stories we tell about

All of the good times and times that were hell

When we were young

We were broke

We were chasing a fire and watching it turn to smoke

And some of us just let go

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You got lost

Had enough

Time it did what it does and turned what you had to rust

But wherever you are, understand me

You were loved

You were loved

I hope that our paths, they cross again

Cause I’m dying to know all the places you have been

Some day when the future meets the past

That’s when we’ll make up for all of the years that went so fast

Cause days became years became stories we tell

That I know you can’t deal but here’s wishing you well

We were young

We were broke

We were chasing a fire that suddenly turned to smoke

And some of us had to let go, yeah

You got lost, had enough

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Time it did what it does and turned what we had to rust

But wherever you are you should know

You were loved

You were loved

You were loved


You were loved

You Were Loved Hollywood New Songs Credits:


Director: Kyle Cogan

Line Producer: Danny Pollack

Head of Production: Leah Butcher

1st AD: Zack Stauffer

AD PA: Julia Siedenburg


DP: Justyn Moro

1st AC: Luke Jamison

2nd AC: Pablo Aquart

Steadicam: Adam Grenley

Drone Services: Drone Dudes

Drone Pilot: Andrew Petersen

Drone Op: Jake Howard

Drone AC: Jenna Hoffman

Drone Tech: Sam Windell

Gaffer: Gio Palacino

Key Grip: Pablo Ruff-Berganza

Projectionist Techs: Paul Sangster, Max Pottebaum, Abraham Lopez

Set PA: Laurence Geronilla, Rolando Rodas, Victor Chavez, Deja Woods-Vargas

Locations: Mike Dennehy


Stylist: Katie Qian

Stylist Asst: Kiona Vickroy

Groomer: Morgan Grimes


Head of Post Production: Logan Powaski

Editor: LALIM EDIT Jen Kennedy

Assistant Editor: Nic Collins


Post Producer LALIM: Andrea Raffaela

VFX: SIMIAN.LA & Logan Hennessy

Projection Animation: Brad Chemielwski, Logan Hennessy, and Leo Vann


Commissioner: John Jigitz

Darkroom: Brittany Harper, Austin Evenson

Creative Director: Jordan Miles Rosenheck


Directors Rep: Jen Herrera of Las Bandas Be Brave

Production Company: SIMIAN.LA

EP: Kyle Cogan

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