Singer Shilpi Raj MMS HD Video Still Being Watched and Download Over YouTube, Telegram and WhatsApp


Shilpi Raj, a Bhojpuri singer, has been in headlines now a days for her MMS video on YouTube, Telegram and WhatsApp. Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS, is presently being debated not only in the country but even internationally. MMS of the Actress has gone popular on the internet. Shilpi Raj mms video went viral, and her comments have becoming increasingly popular on social media. Let us tell you that four Shilpi Raj video songs were released on YouTube following the disclosure of MMS. Which has become a huge success. The actress attended the success party for those songs in Dubai.

Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video on YouTube

Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video on YouTubeAfter Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video became viral on several platforms, including YouTube, Telegram and WhatsApp, the actress stated that these videos should be removed. Let us inform you that the video of Shilpi Raj has lately been removed from YouTube. Also watch: leaked MMS video

Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video on YouTube: Shilpi Raj, a Bhojpuri singer, has come in limelight after her MMS video cam on YouTube. Shilpi Raj was shown in an inappropriate relationship with a boy in the viral video. Well, the actress stated that that girl is not herself, but rather someone else. Some claim that the boy in the MMS video is none other than the actress’s lover, Vijay Chauhan. Vijay and Shilpi have been dating for a year. Both are frequently seen together. Watch: Jai Shree Ram Latest HD Video Song 2022 by Ram Setu Movie

Shilpi Raj MMS Video Was Already Planned ?

Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video on YouTube. According to the same sources, Shilpi Raj purposefully leaked MMS because following this MMS, her four songs will be out, and she wanted all of her songs to be super hits. People also claimed that everything was done as part of a well-planned plot. Her boyfriend, Vijay Chauhan, is rooting for her. They carried out the scheme as a group.

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