Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Faces Showdown with Single Screen Owners!!


The upcoming clash between Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Salaar has taken an unexpected turn, with single screen owners refusing to open advances for Dunki on Friday. The controversy centers around the demand made by Pen Marudhar, the distributor of Dunki, for 100 percent showcasing in single screens during the extended Christmas 2023 period. Let’s delve into the details of this unfolding drama.

Exhibitors Protest Unreasonable Demands

Many exhibitors across India are expressing their discontent with the tactics employed by Shah Rukh Khan’s distributors. The bone of contention is Pen Marudhar’s demand for all four shows in single screens, despite Salaar being a mass-friendly film as well. One agitated exhibitor stated, “We are ready to favor Dunki and allocate it three shows compared to Salaar’s two. However, demanding all the shows is absolutely unfair.”

Clash Scenario and Exhibitors’ Stand

The clash scenario is not uncommon in the film industry, and exhibitors believe they have the right to decide on showcasing in their venues. However, the demand for exclusive showcasing has triggered a backlash. Exhibitors emphasize the need for balance, especially when both films cater to a mass audience. The exhibitor continued his rant, noting that the clashes should be approached civilly, drawing parallels with past clashes like Gadar and OMG 2 or Animal and Sam Bahadur.

Dunki Faces Showdown with Single Screen Owners
Dunki Faces Showdown with Single Screen Owners

Exhibitors’ Respect for Shah Rukh Khan

While expressing their grievances, exhibitors also conveyed their respect for Shah Rukh Khan. They are willing to favor Dunki over Salaar but argue against completely sidelining Salaar. Enquiries for Salaar cannot be ignored, and exhibitors find themselves in a tight spot as they seek to balance showcasing for their audience. The exhibitor lamented, “We thought clashes had become more civil post-pandemic, like the instances of Gadar and OMG 2 or Animal and Sam Bahadur. The last time we faced such difficulties was during Raees vs Kaabil.”

Anil Thadani, associated with Salaar, has reportedly expressed willingness to share screens with Dunki. However, Pen Marudhar remains rigid and insists on exclusive showcasing. Exhibitors argue that the practice should be consistent for both multiplexes and single screens, questioning why multiplexes are allowed to share shows while single screens are not. The exhibitor concluded, expressing hope that Shah Rukh Khan would take note of their concerns.

The Solo Release

Dunki is scheduled for a solo release on December 21, with the clash set to begin on December 22. However, single-screen bookings for Dunki are facing uncertainties as many owners refuse to open advances for Friday. The final negotiations will determine when bookings will open, and the situation remains tense as the Dunki team contemplates concessions to meet exhibitors’ reasonable demands.

A Clash Beyond the Silver Screen

As the clash between Dunki and Salaar unfolds, it is clear that the battleground extends beyond the silver screen. Exhibitors, driven by a commitment to their audiences, are standing up against what they perceive as unreasonable demands. The clash of titans in the cinema hall reflects the larger dynamics of the film industry, where negotiations and compromises play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless release of much-anticipated films.

In the coming days, the fate of Dunki’s showcasing in single screens will become clearer, but the reverberations of this clash will likely continue to resonate in the industry. The saga underscores the delicate balance between artistic pursuits and the commercial imperatives of the film business, leaving fans and industry insiders alike on the edge of their seats as they await the resolution of this cinematic showdown.

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