Pushpa actress Rashmika Mandanna and Varun Dhawan shooting for a film together? See Photos

Rashmika Mandanna, a South Bollywood actress, recently caused excitement among fans by posting a photo on social media. The actress has said that she is currently filming an intriguing movie with Varun Dhawan from Bollywood Industry. The actress, on the other hand, has not revealed what is being shot. Fans, on the other hand, are being pleased to see these two stars in the same frame. Actress Rashmika Mandanna is now working on a number of interesting projects. Pushpa Blockbuster, a pan-India film, was her most recent release. Following that, the actress’s most recent release, AMJ, is doing well in Telugu theatres.

Varun Dhawan and Rashmika Mandanna
Photo Source: Instagram of Rashmika Mandanna

In addition to this, the actress is now filming a special project with actor Varun Dhawan. The actress had previously shared a photo of Varun Dhawan from the backside, which piqued the interest of admirers. In which the actor’s face isn’t seen. Following that, the actress posted another photo on social media, this time including Varun Dhawan’s face. ‘VDDDDDDDDDD Happy Faces,’ she wrote below the caption.

If you wanna which project is Varun Dhawan and Rashmika Mandanna working on? So far, nothing is clear. There are rumours that these two have teamed up for a commercial. What are your thoughts on this? You can tell us by leaving a comment. Let us inform you that Varun Dhawan is gearing up for a big comeback. He’ll be seen in the upcoming film Jug Jug Jio. Aside from that, the actor is starring in Bhediya, a horror comedy film.

Rashmika Mandanna increased her fees after the success of ‘Pushpa’

Pushpa Srivalli Rashmika Mandanna
Pushpa Srivalli, the actress Rashmika Mandanna

‘Pushpa’ film or Puspa: The Rise by Allu Arjun is still wreaking havoc on the audience. Despite being available on the OTT, the publicis going only in theatres to watch the film. This picture has not only provided much-needed relief to the movie office during Corona’s difficult period, but it has also helped those affiliated with it. Even though Allu Arjun deserves all of the credit for the film’s success, his co-star Rashmika Mandanna has also wowed everyone with her efforts in the film. Now comes word that, in light of Pushpa’s success, she has upped her rates. She’s now asking for additional money for Pushpa’s next part ofcourse.

According to a Bollywood News Portal, the lead actress of ‘Pushpa’ has boosted her earnings following the popularity of the film. She had asked for 2 crores for ‘Pushpa: The Rise,’ but now she’s asking for 3 crores for ‘Pushpa: The Rule’, the next part of the film. She made this raise as a result of the film’s unparalleled popularity.

It was also reported in this news that the film’s producers had agreed to the demand for a raise in their remuneration. She also agreed because Pushpa has received a lot more love from the fans than imagined, and the anticipation for the next part of the film is already being started. The preparations for the film’s shooting have not yet begun, but the producers want to finalise everything first. This will be Mandanna’s highest fee ever.

Let us inform you, ‘Pushpa film or Pushpa: The Rise’ has been a highly box office success since its release. The film grossed over 250 crores in the Hindi language, and around 75 crores in the English language. Everyone was taken aback by the film’s financial success. This income has steadily risen. Despite Corona’s influence, it has kept up its pace.

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