Princess Myra A millionaire girl spend their parents’ fortunes

What is it like to be born into privilege? We are not talking about – rich or ultra-rich but mega-rich. We are talking about the million child Princess Myra.

Utmost upper echelons of the society or to put it simply the elusive 0.001% of the world. Vacationing is travel by business class jet to exotic locations to the best of the suites if not a private island. Home is a plural where you have one in every continent or multiple in Great countries.

Being a child born into such extravagant wealth definitely puts a lot of pressure on succeeding. You are reminded constantly to NOT RUIN YOUR FAMILY’S REPUTATION. Also, anything that you succeed at goes back to your family, not you. You are constantly reminded how successful and great your parents are. Your parents did this! Your grandparents accomplished this! Now, what are YOU going to do? Is it going to be as great as what they did? You are raised with the highest of expectations.

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