Poet and Writer Nidhi Narwal releases latest single “Andheraa”, all set to perform live with Kommuneity

Poet Nidhi Narwal


Continuing in her pursuit of making stories, poetries, and literature a part of our everyday lives again, young poet and writer Nidhi Narwal is all set to take the stage at The Quorom in Gurgaon. The event which will be an hour and a half long production includes musical performances and stories by various artists includingKena, Yashika, Vijay K, Arun Singh, and Shivang Arora.

The storytelling event brings together young writers who are establishing their genre and style. The event is being hosted by Kommune as a part of their regular events hosted as part of Kommuneity projects. In-house writer with Kommuneity, Shantanu Aanand will be hosting the show. Nidhi Narwal will be narrating her story, and sharing experiences with the community and fellow artists. The poet has also recently released her single “Andheraa” on her official YouTube Channel on Friday, May 27th.

Elaborating on the piece which she deems close to her heart, Nidhi commented, “I wrote this piece some three years ago and it aptly describes the relationship of us humans with our environment, ecosystem, and our deep desire to find peace. Peace comes to us when we are comfortable with our “mahaul” and for me darkness is the epiphany. The correlation of this word to negative thoughts is countered in this piece and it entails the many ways in which darkness offers complete silence of motion, thoughts, and all the noise in our heads. I’ve tried recording this one many times and I’ve performed it an offline uncountable number of times! I’m so glad that it has finally been released on my YouTube channel.”

The poem captures the anxiety we experience as life gets more complex and people feel vulnerable. Bringing connection, and peace, Nidhi Narwal hopes the audience will continue to support her journey and zeal to make emotions more human again.

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