Khushboo Khan, Ramji Gulati & Nishant Malkhani are ready to weave magic with an international music video

Actress Khushboo Khan knows how to steal the limelight.She is now in the spotlight for her recent collaboration with the heartthrob Nishant Malkhani. Both of them are set to showcase their on-screen chemistry through an international music video titled ” Meri Bandi”.After all , music videos are a huge rage these days.

Take a look at Khushboo’s photos –

The actor-duo will be seen in an extravagant music video, lavishly shot in Dubai . It is directed by the illustrious personality Ramji Gulati, and the singer of this music video is Goldie.

The song will be a romantic one, but with a peppy vibe to it .Fans and followers are awaiting its release date, and expectations are high. The soon- to-be released international music video is produced by multifaceted talents Waseem Amrohi and Shahzeb Azad, and it will provide music lovers something to look forward to this Valentine’s Month. It will be released on the well-known Dubai-based Youtube channel “Brown Pitch”.

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The Meri Bandi music video is going to be surreal, and the good vibes of their fans are contagious!

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