Dunki Box Office Collection: Shah Rukh Khan’s Comedy-Drama Makes a Splash


Shah Rukh Khan’s latest offering, “Dunki,” has hit the silver screen with a bang, defying expectations and earning a solid opening day collection. Despite facing tough competition from Prabhas’ “Salaar,” Dunki managed to charm audiences across Maharashtra, Delhi, and West Bengal, establishing itself as a strong contender in the festive season.

Dunki’s Box Office Collection

On December 21, Dunki made a splash at the box office, earning an impressive 30 crore on its opening day. The film’s success can be attributed to its festive release, Shah Rukh Khan’s enduring star power, and the positive reviews it garnered early on. Even with the formidable competition from Salaar, Dunki found favor in key regions like Maharashtra, Delhi, and West Bengal, pulling in Rs 1.81 crore, Rs 1.55 crore, and Rs 1.22 crore, respectively.

Day Box Office Collection (Crores INR)
Day 1 (Thursday) 30
Day 2 (Friday) 22
Day 3 (Saturday) 28
Day 4 (Sunday) Counting…
Total Collection Till Now 80

Despite being a regular working day, Dunki managed to draw audiences, and those who watched it expressed their satisfaction with the film. Viewers praised the fun storyline, commendable performances by the actors, and the directorial finesse of Rajkumar Hirani. With Shah Rukh Khan having a successful year with other hits like Pathaan and Jawan, Dunki is expected to continue its strong performance in the coming days.

Industry experts and critics foresee Dunki as a long-term success. The film’s strong start, coupled with positive reviews and Shah Rukh Khan’s star power, positions it as a potential blockbuster. The festive release timing, combined with the comeback of director Rajkumar Hirani after a five-year hiatus, adds to the optimism surrounding Dunki’s box office journey. While the competition with Salaar was fierce, Dunki’s initial success suggests it could be another feather in Shah Rukh Khan’s cap in 2023.

Dunki Box Office Collection
Dunki Box Office Collection

Hit or Flop Verdict

While it’s too early to definitively declare Dunki a hit, early signs are promising. The film’s robust opening, positive audience and critic reception, and strong performance in key regions indicate a positive trajectory. The final verdict on Dunki’s success will become clearer in the upcoming days as more viewers share their thoughts, but for now, optimism surrounds Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki in its cinematic journey.

As Dunki continues to weave its charm at the box office, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest offering stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Bollywood’s Badshah. With an impressive collection of 80 Crores INR in just three days, the film has successfully navigated the competitive cinema landscape, holding its ground against formidable opponents. The audience’s positive response, coupled with the festive season’s buoyant spirit, bodes well for Dunki’s future. As the Sunday figures are eagerly awaited, the film’s journey looks promising, adding another chapter to Shah Rukh Khan’s successful cinematic year and reinforcing why he remains a force to be reckoned with in the heart of Indian cinema.

Dunki Movie Review

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