BTS new song 2022 leaked, check out the new hollywood song here

While some fans are startled that BTS’ new song was purportedly leaked online, others are urging that it not be shared further. The South Korean band, which has grown into a global phenomenon over the years, is gearing up for their Permission To Dance On Stage performance in Seoul.

Suga, Jin, J Hope, V, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook are all preparing to meet the ARMY in person and put on a much bigger spectacle for them. While concertgoers await the performance, something very unexpected has occurred.

BTS New Song leaked

BTS is anticipated to release new music this year, and one of its new songs has been leaked, according to Republic World. Since the news broke, ARMY has asked Big Hit Music, the band’s record label, to take serious action against it. The music was shared on Reddit and Twitter, and while it was taken down from the former, the latter is still full of tweets about it, according to the article.

The BTS ARMY has not only demanded Big Hit Music to take strict action, but they have also asked others on Twitter to desist from sharing the pirated music any further. The culprit behind it has also enraged the supporters. “No, but everyone spreading BTS leaked song is not better than the artist who leaked it,” one fan remarked.

BTS new song

In the midst of all of this, it’s been reported that BTS will not make a lot of money from their Permission To Dance On Stage concert, which will take place from March 10th to 13th. According to another rumour, the band will only be able to perform in front of a considerably smaller audience, with large charges for security, crew, lighting, and other expenses.


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