Bobby Deol Faces Social Media Backlash Over Unique Fashion Statement; Users Question ‘Aren’t You Cold?’


Bollywood actor Bobby Deol, who has been riding high on the success of the film ‘Animal’ alongside Ranbir Kapoor, recently found himself at the center of social media attention, albeit for reasons unrelated to his on-screen performance. Despite the film’s triumph, Bobby Deol’s style choices have triggered a wave of trolling across various social media platforms.

A video capturing Bobby Deol’s distinct fashion sense surfaced recently as he was spotted at the airport sporting a rather unconventional look. The actor was seen donning an attire reminiscent of a ‘vest’ or ‘banian’ that instantly caught the eye of netizens, resulting in the video going viral on social media.

Users flooded the comments section, expressing a myriad of opinions on Bobby Deol’s unusual attire. Some couldn’t help but question the actor’s choice, humorously asking if he didn’t feel cold in the outfit. Others resorted to poking fun at the unconventional fashion statement, generating a flurry of comments and reactions.

The video, rapidly gaining traction online, has ignited a debate about Bobby Deol’s daring fashion choices and has become a hot topic for discussion among fans and critics alike.

With opinions divided, the public reaction to Bobby Deol’s latest appearance remains diverse. Whether this style statement is perceived as avant-garde or questionable, the actor’s bold fashion move has undeniably sparked a social media frenzy, inviting an array of reactions and opinions.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Deol’s unconventional attire? Share your views in the comments below and join the conversation!

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