5 Bollywood Movies Scene That Always Make You Cry


There are few Bollywood films that always make you cry. You might even cry like a small baby no matter how many times you see it, Some are based on love while others on friendship and they manage to strike just the right chord with emotions.

5 Bollywood Movies Scene That Always Make You Cry

1 Bajrangi Bhaijaan

If some movie has made us cry in the recent times, it’s Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The scene where Salman is leaving Pakistan and Munni screams mama is heartbreakingly beautiful. If that scene didn’t make you cry.

2 Raanjhanaa

The Last Emotional Scene, when Dhanush speech a Heart Touching dialogues.

3 Taare Zameen Par

This Aamir Khan starrer has many scenes that will make you cry. In the movie, when Darsheel is left at the boarding school by his parents, and he breaks down in tears and so does his mom, as she is leaving in the car. in this scene we sure you can’t control your tears.

4 Anand

Anand death scene and Bhaskar’s emotional dilemma touches the audience so deeply that even today that scene makes us all cry at the end.

5 3 Idiots

In a scene, where Raju tries to commit suicide and Rancho and Farhan running to save him. That, followed by the scene when he has recovered from coma. This heart touching scene in movie surely makes you cry.

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