Allahabad University Hostel Blast: Two Injured, Investigation Underway


Recent turmoil at Allahabad University’s PCV Hostel has once again gripped attention after a blast occurred in Room 68, leaving two former residents injured. This incident follows prior altercations and illegal occupancy issues within the hostel premises.

Allahabad University Incident

The blast, witnessed around 5 PM on Wednesday, resulted in injuries to Prabhat and Pratyush, who were found lying outside the allocated room amidst pools of blood. Prabhat Yadav from Gazipur sustained severe hand injuries, while Ayush Singh had minor wounds on his body. Notably, both individuals were not present in the room at the time of the explosion.

Investigation and Suspicions

Authorities suspect the presence of a homemade explosive device in the room which detonated accidentally. Investigations led the police to question Vishal Kumar, a second-year BA student, whose room was allocated alongside Ayush Kumar Singh.

Previous Incidents and Concerns

This incident follows a recent history of unrest, including stone-pelting and bomb threats among residents of SSL and GN Jha Hostels. The police had previously registered cases related to these altercations, highlighting issues of unauthorized residency within the Allahabad University hostels.

Institutional Response

The administration is actively cooperating with authorities to ascertain the circumstances that led to the blast. Additionally, concerns over the unlawful occupation of over 400 hostel rooms have been raised, prompting calls for stricter enforcement and a crackdown on unauthorized residents.

The recent blast at the PCV Hostel, Allahabad University, has once again put a spotlight on the challenges surrounding hostel security and student safety. As investigations progress, authorities aim to address not only this incident but also the broader issue of unauthorized residency to ensure a safer environment for all students.

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