Laapataa Ladies Enjoys a Decent Opening Weekend at the Box Office


Aamir Khan’s production venture, “Laapataa Ladies,” hit the silver screens on March 1, 2024, offering audiences a comedic take on the dynamics of women’s swapping lives. Despite a modest start, the film managed to hold its ground over the weekend, prompting discussions about its box office performance.

Laapataa Ladies Enjoys a Decent Opening Weekend at the Box OfficeStellar Promotion Despite Modest Star Cast

While the star cast of “Laapataa Ladies” may not boast big names, the film garnered attention through Aamir Khan’s meticulous promotional efforts. The promotion, executed with precision, piqued audience interest, leading to anticipation among moviegoers.

Weekend Box Office Figures

The film’s box office journey commenced with a lukewarm response, amassing a collection of 75 lakhs on its opening day. However, it gained momentum on Saturday, raking in 1.45 crores. Despite expectations for further escalation on Sunday, the earnings plateaued slightly, recording a collection of 1.8 crores. In total, “Laapataa Ladies” accumulated a box office collection of 4 crores over the weekend.

Laapataa Ladies Enjoys a Decent Opening Weekend at the Box OfficeLaapataa Ladies Box Office Collection 

Day Box Office Collection (in crores)
Friday 0.75
Saturday 1.45
Sunday 1.80
Total 4.00

Profitability Analysis

Considering its production budget of merely 5 crores, “Laapataa Ladies” managed to recover its costs within the opening weekend itself, indicating a profitable venture for Aamir Khan’s production house. The film’s performance at the domestic box office proved satisfactory, meeting initial projections.

Global Box Office Performance

While the film demonstrated promising numbers domestically, its international reception appeared relatively subdued. With a worldwide collection of 3.5 crores so far, “Laapataa Ladies” is yet to make a significant mark beyond Indian borders.

Laapataa Ladies Enjoys a Decent Opening Weekend at the Box OfficeDespite the absence of Aamir Khan on-screen, “Laapataa Ladies” showcased the power of effective promotion and content appeal in the Bollywood industry. With its successful recovery of production costs and a respectable opening weekend, the film stands as a testament to the enduring charm of well-crafted comedies. As audiences continue to flock to theaters, the journey of “Laapataa Ladies” at the box office is one worth monitoring.

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