Shah Rukh Khan Flaunts Ripped Physique in D’Yavol X Campaign, promoting Son Aryan’s Brand


Shah Rukh Khan’s recent campaign for D’Yavol X, his son Aryan Khan’s luxury streetwear brand, has created a buzz on social media. Fans enthusiastically shared pictures of the actor flaunting his shirtless, ripped physique in hoardings promoting the brand. The images feature Shah Rukh with long hair, reminiscent of his appearance in the 2023 blockbuster film “Pathaan.” The hoardings are reportedly displayed at Mumbai airport, sparking excitement among fans.

Shah Rukh Khan Flaunts Ripped Physique in D'Yavol X Campaign, promoting Son Aryan's Brand
Shah Rukh Khan Flaunts Ripped Physique in D’Yavol X Campaign, promoting Son Aryan’s Brand

Aryan Khan, the co-founder of D’Yavol X, launched the brand’s first collection in early 2023, exclusively on the brand’s website. The luxury streetwear label gained attention for its high-priced offerings, with fans expressing a desire for more affordable options. Shah Rukh has actively supported his son’s brand, not only by wearing pieces from the collection but also by participating in D’Yavol’s photoshoots. Aryan directed Shah Rukh in the first promotional ad campaign for the brand.

During an “Ask SRK” session on social media, Shah Rukh addressed a fan’s comment about the expensive nature of D’Yavol X products, humorously noting that he doesn’t receive any discounts from his son’s brand. Despite the playful remark, Shah Rukh’s active involvement in promoting and endorsing D’Yavol X reflects the strong support he extends to Aryan in his entrepreneurial venture.

Shah Rukh Khan’s recent appearance in the D’Yavol X campaign not only showcases his fitness and style but also serves as a testament to the close bond between father and son. As fans continue to share their excitement over the captivating images, the brand’s visibility and appeal are likely to receive a significant boost.

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