Salman Khan Films Issues Warning Against Fake Casting Calls, Legal Action to be taken


Salman Khan’s production company, Salman Khan Films, has issued a stern warning against individuals using the actor’s name for fake casting calls. The production house clarified that neither Salman nor his production house is currently involved in any casting processes for their upcoming projects.

The official statement emphasized that Salman Khan Films has not hired any casting agents or third parties for any ongoing or upcoming film projects. The public is urged not to trust any emails or messages claiming to be related to casting calls associated with him or Salman Khan Films.

The statement concluded with a clear warning of legal consequences for anyone found falsely using Salman’s or the production house’s name in an unauthorized manner. The production company is determined to take legal action against those involved in fraudulent casting activities.

Established in 2011 by Bollywood megastar Salman Khan, Salman Khan Films has been actively involved in film production and distribution. The production house, co-headed by his mother, Salma Khan, has been associated with a diverse range of cinematic ventures.

It operates with a unique approach where the profits generated from film productions reportedly contribute to the Being Human organization, a philanthropic initiative associated with Salman . This adds a layer of social responsibility to the production company’s activities.

Salman Khan Films Issues Warning Against Fake Casting Calls, Legal Action to be taken
Salman Khan Films Issues Warning Against Fake Casting Calls, Legal Action to be taken

This isn’t the first time Salman Khan Films has faced such a situation. Last year, the production company issued a similar warning against fraudulent casting calls that misused Salman,s name. The recurrence of such incidents highlights the need for constant vigilance and public awareness.

Over the years, Salman Khan Films has backed a variety of films, showcasing a commitment to supporting meaningful cinematic ventures. Some of the notable films produced by the company include “Bajrangi Bhaijaan,” “Hero,” “Tubelight,” “Race 3,” “Bharat,” “Dabangg 3,” and many more.

While Salman Khan Films is currently not involved in any casting processes, Salman remains an influential figure in the Indian film industry. His on-screen presence continues to capture the audience’s attention, and his recent collaboration with Yash Raj Films in “Tiger 3,” alongside Katrina Kaif, has further heightened anticipation among fans.

Salman Khan Films’ recent warning serves as a reminder of the prevalence of fraudulent casting activities in the film industry. The production house’s commitment to taking legal action demonstrates a firm stand against such malpractices, reinforcing the importance of ethical conduct in the entertainment business. As it continues to contribute to the cinematic landscape, it remains dedicated to both quality filmmaking and social impact.

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