TV Actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj Seeks Help After Alleged Assault by Family

Actress' Distress: A Cry Against Domestic Violence and Family Abuse


Popular TV actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj, known for her roles in prominent shows like CID, Tere Ishq Mein, and Bepanah, found herself in distress as she reached out for help following an alleged assault by her family members. On December 15th, a distressing video of the actress surfaced on social media, displaying visible signs of injury on her face and body.

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Seeking Assistance at the Police Station

In the video shared from the Kashmiri (Mira Road) police station, Vaishnavi Dhanraj appealed for aid, highlighting physical injuries inflicted upon her by her own family. The video showcased bruises and marks on her face, lips, and hands, with Dhanraj pleading for support from the media, news channels, and the industry at large.

Vaishnavi Dhanraj Previous Encounters with Domestic Violence

TV Actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj Seeks Help After Alleged Assault by Family

This incident isn’t the first time Vaishnavi Dhanraj has faced physical violence. Having previously endured domestic abuse during her marriage, the actress opened up about her ordeal in a recent interview. In 2016, she tied the knot with actor Nitin Sherawat, but due to experiencing domestic violence, she made the courageous decision to file for divorce.

A Heart-Wrenching Account

Reflecting on the past, Dhanraj revealed, “Perhaps he didn’t take my life, but I was so terrified that I fled from home. He had beaten me so severely that my feet bled. Emotionally, physically, and mentally, that was my final day. Finally, I obtained a divorce.”

Vaishnavi Dhanraj’s distressing plea sheds light on the harrowing reality of domestic abuse, urging support not just for herself but for all victims of such violence.

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