Sunny Deol Drunk Video: Here’s the Truth Behind the Viral Clip

Sunny Deol's Revival with 'Gadar 2'


This year marked a significant return for Sunny Deol, who soared back into the spotlight with the remarkable success of ‘Gadar 2’. The movie garnered immense adoration across India, emerging as Sunny Deol’s highest-earning film to date. However, amidst his triumph, a viral video of the veteran actor seemingly inebriated on the streets has sparked widespread speculation.

Sunny Deol Drunk Video Here's the Truth Behind the Viral Clip

Sunny Deol Viral Controversy

The footage seemingly portrays Sunny Deol staggering on Mumbai’s streets, caught in a moment of disarray, giving the impression of intoxication. An auto-rickshaw driver is seen pausing his vehicle to engage with the actor, who appears to respond to the interaction. However, the truth behind the video reveals a different story.

Clarifying the Misconception

Contrary to assumptions, Sunny Deol wasn’t in an inebriated state. According to a report by an English website ‘India Today,’ the video captures a scene from his upcoming film’s shoot, ‘Safar.’ This snippet is purportedly a part of the movie’s filming, showcasing Deol’s character in a particular sequence.

Filming ‘Safar’ in Mumbai

‘Safar’ is presently being filmed in Mumbai, contributing to the confusion surrounding the video. Social media platforms erupted with the video’s circulation, garnering comments and reactions from Deol’s fans and followers.

Success of ‘Gadar 2’ and Future Projects

‘Safar’ notwithstanding, Sunny Deol’s recent cinematic venture, ‘Gadar 2,’ released in August, featuring him alongside Utkarsh Sharma and several other prominent actors. Directed by Anil Sharma, the film enjoyed a remarkable opening at the box office, surpassing the 500 crore mark in India.

Sunny Deol Drunk Video: Here's the Truth Behind the Viral Clip

While the viral video initially led to assumptions about Sunny Deol’s off-screen conduct, it stands as an inadvertent consequence of his committed portrayal in the ongoing film’s shooting. As ‘Safar’ continues its production and ‘Gadar 2’ reaps success, Sunny Deol remains a prominent figure in Bollywood, showcasing his enduring presence and dedication to his craft.

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