Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Displeasure at Fan Taking Selfie at Airport, Video Goes Viral

Shah Rukh Khan's Behavior with Fan at Airport Draws Criticism on Social Media.


Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the “king of Bollywood” and admired for his cool demeanor and humility, has surprised his fans with his recent behavior. At the airport, a fan approached Shahrukh Khan for a selfie, but the superstar shook the fan’s hand and walked away with an angry expression. This video has gone viral on social media, and some fans are interpreting this change in Shahrukh’s behavior as an indication of arrogance, leading to him being subjected to trolling.

With the blockbuster success of “Pathan”, Shahrukh Khan’s stardom is at an all-time high, and fans are eager to catch a glimpse of their beloved star. However, a recent incident involving Shahrukh Khan has left his fans disappointed. A video that surfaced on Instagram shows Shahrukh Khan walking through the airport when a fan approaches him with a phone to take a selfie. In response, Shahrukh flicks his hand, causing the fan to back off, and proceeds forward with visible anger.

Shah Rukh Khan has faced a lot of backlash on social media after the video of him flicking away a fan’s phone at the airport went viral. One user commented that Shahrukh should remember that his fans are the reason for his success, while another called his behavior unjustified. A user expressed disappointment, stating that the fan just wanted to take a selfie from a distance without causing any harm. Another user mentioned how celebrities often forget who made them famous. Some fans went to the extent of calling Shahrukh “proud” or having an attitude. Consequently, the video has sparked criticism towards Shahrukh Khan on various social media platforms.


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