Sara Ali Khan Reveals Potential Names for Future Children in a Viral Video


Sara Ali Khan, the vibrant Bollywood sensation, has recently sparked social media buzz with a candid revelation about her prospective children’s names in a viral video. Known for her candid nature and unabashed demeanor, the actress often captures headlines with her authentic persona.

In a recent clip from the “Desi Vibes with Shehnaaz Gill” show, Sara Ali Khan shared her thoughts on what she might name her future offspring. Responding without hesitation, she suggested ‘Kudsiya’ for a girl and ‘Hidmat’ for a boy. Explaining the significance, she mentioned that ‘Kudsiya,’ meaning ‘revered’ in Urdu, caught her fancy, while ‘Hidmat,’ translating to ‘one who shows the way’ or ‘a leader’ in Urdu, appealed to her for a potential boy’s name.

This revelation stirred excitement among her fans, who admired her unfiltered honesty and unconventional approach to discussing personal matters.

Amidst the viral video frenzy, Sara Ali Khan’s professional front is also creating ripples. Her next film, “Ae Watan Mere Watan,” is set for an OTT release, much anticipated by her admirers. Furthermore, the audience eagerly awaits her presence in upcoming projects, including “Metro” and “Murder Mubarak,” slated for release next year.

Despite her relatively short career since her debut in 2018, Sara Ali Khan continues to charm audiences not just with her on-screen performances but also with her candid revelations and candid demeanor in the digital sphere.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sara Ali Khan’s ventures as her OTT release draws closer and her future projects unfold.

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