Salman Khan Steps Out Amidst Tight Security Following Firing Incident Near Galaxy Apartments


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was spotted leaving his residence amidst tight security, a day after a shooting incident occurred near Galaxy Apartments, where he resides. The incident has heightened security measures in the surrounding areas.

Arbaaz Khan, speaking on behalf of the Khan family, expressed concern about the traumatic incident. Salman Khan’s public appearance has brought some relief to his fans, who were worried about his safety following the gunfire near his residence.

First Public Appearance Post Incident

Salman Khan ventured out of his home for the first time since the shooting incident took place outside Galaxy Apartments on Sunday morning. The incident involved two assailants firing multiple rounds near the apartment complex, causing Salman Khan to stay indoors for safety reasons. However, he was seen leaving his residence today in a bulletproof car amidst heavy security.

A video shared on social media showed a car with tinted windows, making it impossible to confirm whether Salman Khan was inside. Nonetheless, reports suggest that the car indeed belonged to the Bollywood star.

Investigation Underway

The Mumbai Police have launched an investigation into the firing incident, which has been handed over to the Crime Branch. Images of the suspects involved in the shooting have been released, and one of the suspects has been identified.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the Bollywood community and has raised concerns about the safety of celebrities in the city. The tight security around Salman Khan’s residence indicates the gravity of the situation and the need for enhanced security measures for high-profile individuals.

As the investigation continues, fans and well-wishers are hopeful that the culprits will be apprehended soon, bringing justice and peace of mind to Salman Khan and his family.

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