Salman Khan Opts Out of Karan Johar’s Film ‘The Bull’, Chooses Sajid Nadiadwala’s Project Instead

Salman Khan Opts Out of Karan Johar's 'The Bull' – A Shift in Bollywood Dynamics


In a surprising turn of events, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has decided to part ways with Karan Johar’s much-anticipated action film “The Bull.” The decision comes after prolonged discussions between Khan and Johar, ultimately leading to Khan prioritizing a different project helmed by renowned directors Sajid Nadiadwala and AR Murugadoss.

Initially set to commence production in November 2023, “The Bull” faced delays pushing its start date to May. Allegedly, director Vishnuvardhan and producer Karan Johar were unable to finalize shooting schedules, prompting Salman Khan to make the tough call to withdraw from the project.

Reportedly, Johar had requested an extension until July, but Khan opted to shift his focus to the project with Nadiadwala and Murugadoss, set to kick off in May. This move has left fans of both Salman Khan and Karan Johar disappointed and curious about the casting decisions for “The Bull.”

As fans speculate about the future of “The Bull,” attention has shifted to Salman Khan’s upcoming collaboration with Sajid Nadiadwala and AR Murugadoss. While details about the film remain scarce, it is slated for an Eid release in 2025.

Salman Khan’s departure from “The Bull” marks the end of a potential reunion between him and Karan Johar after nearly 25 years. Nevertheless, fans can anticipate an exciting venture with Nadiadwala and Murugadoss at the helm.

The unexpected development serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of Bollywood, where projects and partnerships can evolve rapidly. As audiences await further announcements, the industry buzzes with anticipation for what lies ahead in both Salman Khan and Karan Johar’s cinematic journeys.

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