Ranbir Kapoor ‘Animal’ Stirs Debate with Provocative Menstruation Dialogue


Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna’s latest film ‘Animal’ has set the box office abuzz with its staggering success, yet it has triggered varied reactions among audiences. The movie has been raking in exceptional numbers, captivating audiences who are flocking to theaters, eager to witness the on-screen frenzy. However, being an adult-oriented film, certain scenes and dialogues have sparked controversy among viewers.

Ranbir Kapoor 'Animal' Stirs Debate with Provocative Menstruation Dialogue

‘Animal’ has been hailed for its performances, especially Ranbir Kapoor’s compelling acting and Bobby Deol’s remarkable portrayal, resonating well with the audience. Despite the acclaim, the film faced trolling due to a particular dialogue, stirring debate among viewers.

The movie, marked as ‘A’ (Adults Only), features scenes unsuitable for family viewing. Sections of social media have lauded the film while others criticized it, especially drawing attention to a specific dialogue referencing menstruation, creating polarizing opinions.

The Controversial Dialogue

In a scene, Ranbir Kapoor’s character chides Rashmika Mandanna’s character for complaining about her periods, stating, “You make such a fuss changing four pads a month; I change 50 every day between periods and my surgeries.” This comparison drew ire from some viewers, finding it insensitive and trivializing a natural bodily function.

Public Reaction on Ranbir Kapoor’s Dialogue

Audiences expressed varied reactions to Ranbir’s dialogue, with some outright disapproving. One commenter questioned the relevance of the dialogue, stating, “Why bring her periods into the conversation? She has periods and she’s not dying, but changing 50 pads on an open wound is.”

Box Office Triumph

Ranbir Kapoor 'Animal' Stirs Debate with Provocative Menstruation Dialogue

Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, ‘Animal’ has proven to be a box office juggernaut, crossing the 200 crore mark within three days of its release. Sunday witnessed a significant surge in collections, catapulting the film into the coveted 200 crore club with a whopping 70 crore collection, marking a phenomenal milestone for the movie.

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