Priyanka Chopra Applauds Sonu Sood Calling him a Visionary Philanthropist

Priyanka Chopra has remained a global icon for the Indians. She has been playing a good role in raising 1 M USD for the Covid crisis back in India. As she kicks off the campaign with her hubby in the US, she also has recognized the work of others in India for the crisis like she recognized the efforts of Sonu Sood in India and went on to call him a visionary philanthropist. She applauded him for the kind of work he is doing amid the crisis and urged her fans to think about it and support him. 

She said that one should try out to contribute supporting people in distress and especially the small children who have been orphaned due to the Covid crisis. She then wrote a long message for the actor Sonu Sood sharing his video. Well, how about checking it as under:

So, on one hand we have Kangana liking the tweet of a user calling Sonu Sood a fraud who is using the issue for his promotion, while on the other hand we have divas like Pee Cee who are applauding the work and bringing it on the global level. Do share your views on the Don 2 actress and the role she is playing in the US to raise funds for the Indian. Stay tuned to know more about her and others only with us.

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