Priyank Sharma Opens up for being Slammed Over Allegedly Cheating On Benafsha Soonawalla

Priyank Sharma has always remained in the headlines for his controversies as far as his love life is concerned. We have seen making too much noise about dating Divya Agarwal in Splitsvilla. However, the table turned when he hitched Benafsha Soonawalla with a friendship in Bigg Boss. Eventually, he broke up with Divya to start dating her new friend. Although he was taking things secretly but now come out now. 

Soon they started sharing their loved pictures on Instagram claiming that they are into a relationship. However, fans noticed later in Feb that their pictures had been removed from Instagram, which led the rumors that the couple had split. However, soon people saw Priyank Sharma visiting the lady;s hometown at Bhopal to give him a surprise. The couple also had their V Day together but a fan kept on asking him as to why he is cheating on Benafsha Soonawalla.

Soon Priyank Sharma was seen coming in recent times to share the screenshot of this particular fan to share the hate messages which talked about how Priyank cheated on Benafsha.” The fan said that since he care about the two hene he keeps on asking the same. Finally we see Priyank speaking about the same saying that it has been happening since two year, check it out on his Instagram handle as under:


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As you can see Sharma even has tagged the cyber crime department complaining about this issue. Stay tuned to know more about this issue and others only with us.

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