“Pictures reveal stories that words fail to, articulates Qader Nazari”

“A picture Is worth a thousand words” is a candidly righteous phrase as acknowledged by the renowned young age photographer and blogger, Qader Nazari. Photos are a digital form of storytelling, as believed by Qader, and strongly reveals the latent emotions at the moment, as Qader rejoindered.

With 6+ years of work experience, at the mere age of 25, Qader has procured immense grandeur in the photography arena with his talent. Being awarded as the silver medalist photographer of the year, and acquiring certified professional photographer competition award, Qader has till date, captivated varying styles of moments, scenic beauties, and has taken “assorted clicks” which have left the appreciators of art, dumbfounded.

The amalgamation of creativity and astounding imagination has caused Qader to yield transcendental results. With keen attention to detail and immense patience and concentration, his passion has propelled him a long way.

A master of photography along with PPA certification, Qader’s eye for detail, and his technical skillset has caused him to procure booming acknowledgment globally. His prints have been accepted at the international print exhibition, and His interpersonal skills vouch for his soaring success.

Clicking each picture with a vision in his mind, Qader is definitely a man with a talent. His creations are really a gem. We wish he kees moving forward with this vigor

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