Mosharof Hossain Joy; expecting AL’s nomination in Kaliakair municipal

Although step-by-step most of the municipal elections have been held across the country, the name of Kaliakair municipality of Gazipur has not come up yet . Therefore, there are doubts among the citizens about the election of Kaliakair municipality.

Thousands of opinions are prevailing among the leaders and workers of the municipality about when the election of Kaliakair, which expired five years ago, will be held. However, even though the election schedule has not been announced, the candidates of Awami League and BNP are continuing their election campaign in full force.

The name of Mosharraf Hossain Joy, president of Kaliakair Municipality Awami League and member of Gazipur District Awami League, is being heard among the citizens as the mayoral candidate.

Mosahrof Hossain Joy, born on April 1, 1973; has been working for people for more than 33 years. He started his political career with student politics under Bangladesh Chhatra League. He was elected as Sports and Cultural Secretary of Bhawal Badre Alam Govt. College Student Parliament on the nomination of Bangladesh Chhatra League. Later he led Bangladesh Chhatra League, Kaliakair Upozela as being the only organizing secretary.

In 2001, with Mosharof Hossain Joy and others official application Ex MP Late Alhaj Advocate Md. Rahmat Ali established Kaliakair municipality. Since then his social works and activities were targeted for all the people of Kaliakair municipality therefore he was elected as the first and only Joint-Convener of Bangladesh Awami League, Kaliakair municipality.

From 2012 he is leading one social and educational institute being the Chairman of Bangladesh Rural Development Board, Kaliakair Upozela and President of Sinabah Gov. High School’s Managing Committee.

In 2017 he was chosen for being the member of Bangladesh Awami League, Gazipur District. Later Being Satisfied with his organizational work Honorable Minister of Ministry of Liberation War Affairs and President of Bangladesh Awami League, Gazipur District Al-Hajj AKM Mozammel Huq MP again gave the responsibility of Municipal Awami League by choosing as the Joint-Convener.

Finally in 2019 within the Tri-Annual Conference of Bangladesh Awami League, Kaliakair municipality he was elected as the first ever President of the organization branch. Now he is working for the people of Kaliakair municipality and His dream is establishment of a prosperous Kaliakair municipality under the leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister H.E Sheikh Hasina and Minister for Liberation War Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque MP.

Regarding the Kaliakair municipality election, Mosharraf Hossain Joy said that the Kaliakair municipality election has not been held for a long time. It is being heard that the election of Kaliakair municipality will be held at the end of all speculations. I have a well-planned dream for the people of Kaliakair Municipality and the people of the municipality, to implement that dream and respect the demands of the grassroots leaders and activists of the Awami League in Kaliakair Municipality, I will seek the nomination of Bangladesh Awami League for the post of Mayor of Kaliakair Municipality. If the party and our leader Sheikh Hasina nominate me, I believe that I will be able to save Kaliakair municipality from anti-independence forces and present the victory symbol of boat symbol to the Hon’ble Prime Minister in Kaliakair municipality. I look forward to the prayers and support of all, including the citizens of Kaliakair, in the forthcoming Kaliakair municipal elections to build a developed and model municipality.

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