Meet Indian Famous Josh Star Sanjoy Joseph

Sanjoy Joseph Mondal (Sanjoy Joseph) is a very popular Indian Josh star, and Influencer. Sanjoy Joseph has gained a big fan base through his “Josh” videos in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and many more countries.

Sanjoy Joseph was born on 8th November 1991 and his age is 30 years old (as in 2021).

He’s established a significant online presence in a short period of time. He is trying to inspire youngsters. Even though he believes success is achievable in every stream, all you need is to know about that stream, get appropriate preparation and execution, and good intentions. He believes that small-town kids don’t need to go to a larger city to have success in their career.

Sanjoy Joseph is an actor, model, Influencer, fashion blogger, and Josh star. He is mainly known for his amazing “Josh” videos.

Salary & Net Worth:
Sanjoy Joseph Net Worth is as per online portals and reports, his net worth is pegged between 4 – 5 Lakhs. He often charges a huge amount for his shows/events. He earns from his collaborations and Josh, Zili, Instagram videos, also earns from his collaborations with various digital brands.

Sanjoy Joseph (Sanjoy Joseph Mondal) he loves creating videos and love to meet many people, he attended many programs ceremony as Special Guest and has inspired people.

Social account:
Instagram: @Sanjoy_Joseph
Facebook: @SanjoyJoseph91
Josh: @Sanjoy_Joseph

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