Kriti Sanon Dream Connection with Salman Khan Unveiled Amid ‘Crew’ Buzz

Kriti Sanon's Ambitious Dream with Salman Khan: Unfulfilled Aspirations and Stellar Acting Journey


In the midst of the buzz surrounding her latest film ‘Crew,’ Kriti Sanon has revealed a dream she once harbored, deeply connected to Bollywood megastar Salman Khan. While this dream may never materialize, it sheds light on the aspirations of the talented actress.

Having graced Bollywood screens for nearly a decade, Kriti Sanon has carved a niche for herself with her remarkable performances. Currently, all eyes are on her latest outing, ‘Crew,’ which hit theaters on March 29th, featuring the stellar presence of Kareena Kapoor and Tabu alongside her. During a recent interview with a news channel, Kriti shared insights into a dream she once nurtured, entwined with Salman Khan.

Describing herself as a big thinker, Kriti unveiled the grandeur of her dreams, among which was the aspiration to debut alongside Salman Khan. Reflecting on her profound contemplation of this possibility, Kriti acknowledged that while this dream may remain unfulfilled, her stellar body of work has endeared her to audiences. She made her Bollywood debut with the release of ‘Heropanti’ in 2014, alongside Tiger Shroff.

Addressing the topic of entering politics, Kriti remained pragmatic, stating that she has never predetermined her path in this regard. She emphasized the importance of acting on strong feelings and passions, indicating that if the need arises, she wouldn’t shy away from exploring new avenues.

Directed by Rajesh A. Krishnan, ‘Crew’ is a comedy-drama receiving favorable early reviews, with audiences praising the performances of all three leading actresses. As the film continues to charm audiences, Kriti Sanon’s candid revelations provide a glimpse into the aspirations and realities of life in the limelight.

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