Koo App Welcomes Kangana Ranaut After her Twitter Account Suspension

At one end we see Kangana Ranaut making news for losing her Twitter official handle, while on the other side, we see the homegrown app Koo welcoming the actress on its platform.  The B Town actress was banned for sharing hate content through her handle that led her to lose her account. So, taking it as an opportunity, Mayank Bidawatka, who remains one of the co-founders of the app called Koo, welcomed Kangana in a post. 

He was quick to write the actress asking to join the platform saying that this is a home grown platform calling it to be the Indian platform that gives everyone the chance to express his or her views. He added that Kangi can express her views with dignity and pride.  Twitter released a statement after suspending her account on its platform for the blatant violation of the rules as set by them. They categorised her tweet to be abusive and hateful and thus they have no option but to block it. 

Kangana on the other hand alleged that Twitter being the product of White Americans, they have the right and tradition of torturing the non-whites. She said they have been making the non-whites as their slaves and it’s been happening since ages. She called the suspension the death of democracy and that she can find many more platforms including cinema to express her views. Meanwhile, people on Twitter were seen celebrating as her account was suspended with memes and hilarious tweets.  Stay tuned to know more about her and others only with us. 

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