Jacqueline Fernandez showcases her bold Picture showcasing Heart on her Arm

The B Town diva – Jacqueline Fernandez has remained very much active on social media and her fans have always remained connected with her. Recently she posted something really interesting and bold as one can see her picture in her lingerie and she is seen showcasing her heart mark on her arm. This post has been making waves in the media by going viral. As she shared her bold picture, many of her fans were seen keeping everyone surprised with her post. 

We soon started seeing different kinds of comments coming from the fans. Her followers also find it interesting and bold and they commented a lot. Well, you need to check the post and then see how they are reacting. 

The moment she showcased her bold picture, she started getting comments and some said this heart is of Salman Khan whom she has been his fan and loved him and his company. Many thought that it could be a tattoo but looking it carefully it is something which according to the sources happens to be sign of cupping therapy mark.

Well, Jacqueline has remained a big fan of Salman Khan ever since she has worked with him in 2014 for the movie Kick. Salman had also gifted her a 3BHK luxury apartment in Mumbai. Stay tuned to know more about her and Salman Khan only with us.

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