GK Tahmid – An Award Winning Music Director and Writer’s Successful Journey

In this age where people focus only on making money and gaining fame, many people live their dreams regardless of money, fame, and glory. GK Tahmid is one of the talented people who has established a great name as a music artist and director.

She won the award for her composer “Believe In You” in 2019. Which helped turn his life around. In the beginning, he started his journey as a music composer. His book “Silent Wandering” later became very popular both online and offline.

Handing over the award to GK Tahmid at the ceremony, the Prime Minister said, “My country needs talents who will represent my country to the world.”

At that time, the Prime Minister, overwhelmed with emotion, hugged him.

With many customers and brands around the world, he has set up a huge company to grow his related brands. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice in life have turned his fantasies into reality, the dream of success. Achieving so many awards and success at such a young age has made this young man an influential social media icon today.

GK Tahmid started his music venture long ago. Nowadays, this national epidemic in Covid-19 has become a permanent issue, where it is unrealistic to expect to work outside the home. So to get rid of this situation, he has uploaded his music on music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music. As a result, he is now a famous musician.

He began his musical and professional journey in the music industry in 2020 with “Believe In You” from “Digital Beats”, a well-known sound and digital music promotion company.
Young musician GK Tahmid has now invested most of his energy in music. He is also keen to become an additional decent quality music producer. He got the authority craftsman to divert verification to YouTube in January 2021 and got recognition from Spotify, YouTube Music, and many more music platforms.

GK Tahmid comes from a background where there is no hint about the music composer. But the little Bangladeshi boy has decided to look for all his skills; in short, he has turned all his insecurities into a lasting commitment and has now become a household name in the field in which he is working.

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