Film Critic KRK Kamal R Khan Arrested, Claims ‘This Could Be Murder’


Film critic Kamal R Khan, known popularly as KRK, has recently been arrested by the Mumbai Police in connection with a case dating back to 2016, according to a post shared by him on social media. KRK has often been a center of discussion due to his outspoken statements and social media posts. In a recent turn of events, he took to his social media handle ‘X’ to disclose his arrest by Mumbai Police.

As per one of his posts, KRK revealed that he was en route to Dubai for New Year celebrations when he was apprehended at the airport by Mumbai Police regarding a case from 2016. He further stated that he was arrested on allegations linked to the failure of Salman Khan’s movie ‘Tiger 3,’ which he claimed was due to his actions. His post, now deleted from his Twitter handle, also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

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Kamal R Khan (KRK) X Post:

Film Critic Kamal R Khan Arrested, Claims 'This Could Be Murder'

In a startling statement, KRK asserted, “If I die, this will be considered murder.” He expressed his intentions behind the message, mentioning that if circumstances lead to his demise while in police custody or jail, it should be viewed as a homicide case, urging everyone to understand the gravity of the situation and to identify the responsible parties.

This arrest has sparked curiosity and concern among netizens, drawing attention to the circumstances surrounding KRK’s claims and the events leading to his arrest by the Mumbai Police.

The situation continues to develop, prompting discussions on social media platforms regarding the legalities and implications of KRK’s claims and the subsequent arrest. The Mumbai Police authorities are yet to release an official statement regarding this incident.

The unfolding events around the arrest of Kamal R Khan have captured public interest, raising questions about the veracity of his claims and the legal course that this situation might take in the days to come.

This situation remains fluid and warrants close attention as more details emerge from official sources regarding KRK’s arrest and the alleged case from 2016.

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