Farah Khan Recalls Rakhi Sawant’s Audition Anecdote: Bikini Surprise Under Burka for ‘Main Hoon Na’


Renowned filmmaker Farah Khan recently reminisced about the casting process for her directorial debut, “Main Hoon Na,” revealing an amusing anecdote involving Rakhi Sawant’s audition. The Shah Rukh Khan-Sushmita Sen-starrer marked Rakhi’s entry into Bollywood, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

In a candid interview with casting director Mukesh Chhabra, Farah Khan disclosed the behind-the-scenes story of Rakhi Sawant’s unconventional audition. Despite initial skepticism, Rakhi’s audition left the camera crew in awe.

Farah recalled the incident where Rakhi joined the shoot in Darjeeling, just two days after filming commenced. Originally, another actress was cast for the role, but complications arose when her mother insisted on accommodations in the same hotel as Shah Rukh Khan. Farah humorously recounted, “She had too many demands before shooting even started.”

Upon realizing the need for a replacement, Farah enquired about other actresses who had auditioned for the role. To her surprise, Rakhi’s audition tape stood out, with Rakhi boldly donning a burka. Despite initial doubts due to the character’s portrayal as the “hot girl,” Rakhi confidently requested the camera to roll. Much to everyone’s astonishment, she revealed a bikini underneath the burka, leaving the crew stunned.

Although Rakhi’s audition left a memorable impression, her vibrant orange hair initially raised concerns. However, once on set, Farah found creative solutions to accommodate Rakhi’s unique appearance, ensuring her seamless integration into the film.

Reflecting on Rakhi’s contribution, Farah praised her professionalism and collaborative spirit, noting that Rakhi’s only request was to stand alongside Shah Rukh Khan in a song sequence. “Main Hoon Na” went on to become one of the biggest hits of 2004, earning accolades as a beloved popcorn entertainer.

Rakhi Sawant’s audacious audition tale serves as a testament to her fearless attitude and vibrant persona, leaving an indelible mark on Bollywood’s collective memory.

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