Emraan Hashmi Drops Hints About Entering Politics: Which Party Could He Join?

Emraan Hashmi Hints at Political Venture, Focuses on Diverse Film Roles


In a recent interview, Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi dropped subtle hints about his potential entry into politics while discussing his upcoming projects and career trajectory. Known for his versatile roles and bold choices, Hashmi shared insights about his journey in the entertainment industry and his aspirations for the future.

Hashmi, who recently starred in the Amazon Prime Video film “A Watan Mere Watan Ke,” portraying the role of prominent Indian freedom fighter Ram Manohar Lohia, is set to appear in the upcoming films “Guddaari 2” and “Day Kala Him Oji.” Amidst this pivotal phase in his career, the actor’s inclination towards taking risks and exploring political ventures has sparked curiosity among fans and industry insiders alike.

Transitioning from his image as the quintessential ‘serial kisser’ in Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi has evolved into a versatile actor willing to challenge stereotypes. His recent portrayal of a negative character in “Tiger 3” and his significant role in “A Watan Mere Watan Ke” underscore his commitment to diverse and impactful roles.

Emraan Hashmi Drops Hints About Entering Politics: Which Party Could He Join?When questioned about the perceived risks associated with stepping into politics after playing the role of Ram Manohar Lohia, Hashmi emphasized his clarity in selecting roles and his trust in the vision of filmmakers and storytellers. He reiterated his willingness to embrace unconventional roles that break stereotypes and resonate with audiences.

Addressing the possibility of portraying roles related to Indian politics, Hashmi expressed his reservations, citing his limited interest and knowledge in the field. However, he acknowledged his duty as an actor to thoroughly understand the characters he portrays, leaving the door open for future opportunities aligned with his values and convictions.

Reflecting on the completion of twenty years since the release of his breakout film “Murder,” Hashmi reminisced about his journey in the film industry and the unforeseen success that followed. He credited his willingness to defy industry norms and take risks for his unique trajectory, emphasizing the importance of trusting one’s instincts and forging a distinct path.

In response to queries about his inclination towards South Indian cinema, Hashmi humorously noted the growing popularity and appeal of South Indian films. He highlighted the exceptional storytelling and diverse audience reach of pan-India films, such as “Guddaari 2” and “Day Kala Him Oji,” in which he is set to feature.

Emraan Hashmi Drops Hints About Entering Politics: Which Party Could He Join?Emraan Hashmi’s candid insights into his career choices, potential political aspirations, and commitment to diverse storytelling showcase his evolution as an actor and his unwavering dedication to his craft. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons, audiences eagerly anticipate his forthcoming projects and the impact they will have on Indian cinema.

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